Friday, 19 July 2013

La Bastille

Lauren, Paul and I had a lazy start to our day as both Lauren and I were getting over our jet lag!  When we finally got going, we visited La Bastille, the fortified mountain top 15th Century garrison overlooking Grenoble. 

Although there are several ways to access La Bastille, we chose the Gondola, or the Boules, as they are a bit of a signature for Grenoble.  They are glass balls the transport you... think of how Glinda the Good Witch travels.... 

The view was spectacular if not scary.
The view from La Bastille.  See the particle accelerator!

La Bastille was never used defend the city (from Le Savoie) however it is now very funtional as a tourist draw. You can see three ranges of mountains clearly from the top. 

Sadly, graffitti is another signature of all of France.  You can hardly find a space that hasn't been vandalized.

There are beautiful old buildings throughout the Centre Ville, dating back centuries.  The river flowing though is skirted with ancient buildings.  It reminded me of my small walk through Zurich. 

Every day there is a market just outside of Paul's apartment.  We went there for our dinner fixings.

I loved the local butcher shop... complete with rabbit.

We returned to the apartment.  Look at the old fashioned elavor that takes us to their third floor apartment (which, at home, would be considered the fourth floor)
Lauren cooked a fabulous dinner.  I will share her amazing chick pea curry in a new post!


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